CPSU Cadre Hierarchy 

For Your kind Attention

Although We are Repeatedly Explaining and Posting letters Submitted to BSNL Management and constitutional Authorities in this regarding, Some Executive Members are in lack of awareness with regard to CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. They are Continuously raising queries on this matter on our WhatsApp groups of Sewabsnl particularly "CHQ Sewabsnl India " group. Even today Somebody has raised some queries and requested to explain about CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and the Executive Associations backing or working against SC/ST Executives. 

To Clear their doubts, We are again Posting an Old Write-up, Report , which was Posted on Our All Sewa WhatsApp groups on 10th November 2017 . In the old report , We have narrated everything in detail. 

Even today, Our Old Write-up on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy is Stands good. In Addition, SNEA, Strongly and Vehemently Pressuring BSNL Management to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy without applying reservation roster on or before 28th June 2018 . To implement their illegal and illogical desire and Pressurise BSNL, by Cheating their own SC/ST Executive Members, the Called their Office Bearers to Delhi on 28th June 2018 .

Hence you are requested to kindly Go through carefully and intensively, on give your Suggestions and Views. Thanks.

With regards

P N Perumal NP SEWA



Betrayal to SC/ST Executives by unlawfully Introducing CPSU Cadre Hierarchy Without providing Reservation benefits  

In BSNL, The Promotion upto DGM level is held up a long while owing to Various Court Cases is pending against SC/ST Executive's Seniority, Reservation roster and Reservation in Promotion. 

For this reasons, Executive Associations such as SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA have been demanding to introduce a Uniform Time bound Promotion Policy without applying Reservation roster to avoid hurdles and undue delay by courts due to reservation related cases .

For this purpose a committee was formed by BSNL management on the issues raised by Executive Associations very particularly SNEA, with regard to Time bound promotion. This is Called Khan Committee. Shri Mohammed Ashraf Khan ITS ED BSNL was appointed as Chairperson of the Committee by BSNL Board to formulate New Promotion formula. 

The Khan Committee formed by BSNL Management has recommended Time bound functional promotion upto AGM level without applying Reservation roster but only with Benchmark relaxation as per the choice of Communal minded Executive Associations Leaders. The GS SNEA was also a Member in the said Khan Committee who insisted and accepted the recommendation without Reservation benefits to SC/ST Executives, in the name of uniform Reservation Policy without disparity among Executives. 

In the Recommendation given by the Khan Committee, as per the will & wish of SNEA, without Reservation benefits, the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA have also signed and by signing they also exposed their Negativity and Anti Reservation face. 

If Time bound promotion approved by BSNL management upto AGM level, there will be no Reservation roster. Promotion in DGM Grade also has been recommended based on available Vacancy. 

The Khan Committee has recommended " Three Good " and " Two Average " for SC/ST Executives in the Benchmark upto AGM level. But Now, as per the pressure and the desire of SNEA, BSNL Management has tightened Benchmark Standard as " Four Good" and "One Average " which is against Khan Committee tips and reflecting the communal aversion of SNEA. 

The issue of benchmark is the only debate between AIBSNLEA and SNEA. AIBSNLEA opposes only benchmark issue. AIBSNLEA demanding "Two Average" as per the Recommendation of Khan Committee. But SNEA has agreed for only " One Average " for SC/STs .

Regarding Reservation in promotion, It is crystal clear both SNEA and AIBSNLEA have not raised for any demand, relaxation and concession etc for continuing Reservation roster and to reduce number of years in the eligibility criteria in favour of SC/STs.By this concealing way they were betrayed their own SC/ST Members in particular and Total SC/STS in general. In nutshell they uniformly decided to abolish Reservation roster in BSNL. 

Here we would like to clarify onething again that because of our constant and endless efforts and compulsion, Now BSNL has filed an IA Petition in Supreme Court of India for permission to issue promotion order with rule of Reservation. but on the otherside to satisfy the communal forces, trying to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy which has absolutely no provision for Reservation. The main intention of management as well as recognised Executive Association ( SNEA ) is to annihilate total Reservation provisions in BSNL. This present concept and draft is nothing but a big conspiracy against SC/ST executives working in BSNL. 

SC/ST Executives may also can approach court of law as presently getting seniority as per roster upto AGM level and thus although being recruited in the same recruitment year can get promotion earlier to OC Category Colleagues, whereas in the present structure of CPSU, if time bound promotions are considered, our SC/ST Executives will retain the same seniority upto AGM level. 

It is reiterated that Sewabsnl CHQ will reject any move and proposal of BSNL in regard to CPSU Cadre Hierarchy without Reservation / relaxation provisions. Due to our strong protest and Objection only, Now BSNL Corporate Office has invited SEWABSNL CHQ on 14-11-2017 to hear Our views, for consultation and for final decision. 

In this Scenario, We have Met Leaders of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIBSNLOA and AIGETOA etc We have Submitted them letters to Support our Views to ensure Constitutionally provided Reservation roster in CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. In the Meetings held with them, AIBSNLEA only has given some assurances to Support our Views. 

In the earlier past, 
a) Roster points Were ignored in the name of Restructuring cadre. 
b) Rule of Reservation were neglected both in OTBP & BCR in Agreement with the then NFPTE & FNPTO ( Now NFTE & NUBSNL) .
c) In NEPP also Reservation were denied in Agreement with BSNLEU. 
And Now, In the name of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, both BSNL Management and Recognized Executive Association ( SNEA) trying to put a full stop for Reservation / relaxation for ever. 

Hence, We Appeal All the Executives of SC/ST Communities that It is the right time to intensively insist/demand your own Executive Association for inclusion of Reservation roster in the proposed CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. because they are having final touch with Management on 13,15 and 16th Nov 2017 or otherwise, if they are not ready to favour in writing in a true spirit, Kindly wake up and come out from the Anti SC/ST Executive Associations. 

Join in Sewabsnl to safe Guard the interest of SC/STs working in BSNL. SEWABSNL is the only exclusive platform for espousing the grievances of total SC/ST employees irrespective of Cadres .

Jai Bhim !
Jai Sewa !!
With regards

P N Perumal NP SEWA



Yes brother Murugaian DS SEWA Thanjavur, You are 100% right. It is absolutely true . Our Sewabsnl has Spent more than 15 lacs rupees to redeem Reservation in Promotion. For achieving our goal, We filed 3 Cases in CAT Chandigarh against Anti resevetionist. Then We filed Appeal Petitions also in the Honb'le High court of Punjab and Haryana and then We have filed 3 SLP in the Honb'le Supreme court of India New Delhi. 

We Strongly represented this issue with President of India, Prime Minister of India, Minister for Law, Minister for Social justice, Minister for Communication, Minister for Personnel and Training, Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of SC/STs, National SC Commission, National ST Commission, DOPT, DOT and BSNL Continuously. 

Thru Our beloved Member of Parliament, National Chairman of All India Confederation of SC ST Organisations Dr Udit Raj, We took up the Reservation in Promotion issue to Parliament of India. Because of our incessant appeal, Pressure, he has Strongly raised this issue in parliament of India many times. Every year he is organising Maha Rally for this great cause in Delhi, our SEWA CHQ also attending with huge numbers and sponsoring Contribution for the Success of the issue. Also,We have Submitted memorandum for this Cause to All SC/ST Prominent Members of Parliament who came by using reservation benefits. 

Due to Pressure of Communal Minded and Anti SC/ST Executives Associations, BSNL Continuously trying to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy without applying reservation roster. Owing to Our Strong objection and numerous representations, it is kept in abeyance by BSNL. Though BSNL searching way to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy without applying reservation roster considering the illegal and illogical pressure of Executives Associations, We are the barriers and because of blockades created by SEWA, they are still unable to do anything.

In a stage , BSNL was filed a Writ Petition in the Honb'le Supreme court of India with a prayer to issue suitable interim order to continue Reservation in Promotion. This is because hard and strenuous efforts of Sewabsnl. 

We can say many more. but it is more than enough here. So What brother Murugaian DS SEWA Thanjavur told, is absolutely right. Yes ,this is not possible without SC/ ST Associations working for the larger interest of SCs and STs in All Departments of Central and PSUs. 

My Sincere Thanks. 
Hats off to you Murugaian. 

With regards

P N Perumal NP SEWA





Because of our Continuous hard efforts,

1) Smt Shanmugathai joined in Circle Office as DGM(Finance) by Cancelling her Maharashtra Circle Transfer and Posting on Promotion.

2) Shri M Balasubramaniam Sr AO Joined in Madurai by Cancelling his Tiruchi Transfer Order .

3) By our incessant attempts, Even though Circle Office issued Transfer and Postings on Promotion to Smt Anitha as DGM   ( MS ) with head quarter Nagercoil instead of Tirunelveli, the GM BSNL Nagercoil was adamant to relieve her and writing letters to CGM to retain her in SSA. Again We took up the issue with Circle Admin and Strongly objected the unwarranted move of the GM. Finally, She has been relieved on 8-6-2018 and likely to be joined in IMPCS Nagercoil on 11-6-2018 as DGM   ( MS ).

4) Shri U Ganesamurthy Joined in BSS Kumbakonam by Cancelling his SSA Transfer Order.

With regards

P N Perumal NP SEWA



A Grand 1st  Circle Working Committee / Circle Governing Body Meeting of Sewabsnl Tamil Nadu Circle & Coonoor 2nd District Conference of Sewabsnl

First CWC & GBM Meeting of Sewabsnl Tamil Nadu Circle was Successfully Conducted on 5-6-2018 at Hotel Blue Hills situated at Queen of Hills   Coonoor-  Ooty  in a grand and Appreciable Successfull manner by Circle President Respected Shri G Kanagarajan, Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman and Ex Circle Finance Secretary Shri G Vairamani in the Presence of Smt J Senthilkumari District President & Asst Circle Secretary, Shri Selvakumar District Secretary and Smt Banumathy District Finance Secretary of Sewabsnl Coonoor SSA

From Sewa CHQ, Shri S Titussam NFS and Shri R Maheswarsrao AGS ( South) alongwith National President and General Secretary attended the meeting. A Pleasing Welcome was given to NP, GS, NFS, AGS ( South) and Shri K Asokan retiring CFS by DP Coonoor Smt J Senthilkumari, DS Coonoor Shri Selvakumar and DFS Coonoor Smt  Banumathy jointly with CP Shri G Kanagarajan, CS Shri C Balaraman and other Office Bearers of Sewabsnl TN Circle by Presenting bouquet Of flowers. Both National President and General Secretary Garlandend jointly to the Portrait of Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar at Venue .

Shri Sundararajan DGM & LO SCT, BSNL TN Circle, Shri P K Periyasamy DGM & Ex LO SCT Circle Office,  Shri Muthusamy DGM & Dy LO SCT Coonoor, Shri Sambamurthy AGM ( Admn & HR ) Coonoor and Shri Rangan  DS NFTE Coonoor were attended as Guest of honour and Special Guests and greeted the occasion. 

In the Proudable Meeting of Sewabsnl Tamil Nadu Circle, NP, GS, NFS felicitated friendly for Hat-Trick Victory and Shri R Maheswarsrao for elected as AGS ( South ). Shri K Asokan, who was holding CFS also felicitated in a Cheerful and well-bred social behaviour by Circle President Shri G Kanagarajan and Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman on his retirement by Presenting Memonto,  Shawl and Bouquet of flowers. All District Office Bearers also Presented him Shawls and memontoes affectionately. Consequent to the retirement of Shri K Asokan, Ex CFS Shri G Vairamani, unanimously elected for the Post of CFS again by All the DSs, DPs, and Circle Governing Body Members till next AGB / Circle Conference. 

The Meeting arrangements done by Smt J Senthilkumari ACS & DP,  such as Venue for Meeting at a Top rated Popular Hotel, Compatible Staying facilities,  Tasty Veg and Non Veg foods, Transport , Advertisements and decoration were outstanding and admirable. The dedication of Smt J Senthilkumari ACS & DP, Shri Selvakumar DS, Smt Banumathy DFS and other Office Bearers from early morning to till Completion of  Meeting ie late night was exemplary and laudable. Hats off to All the Office Bearers of Sewabsnl Coonoor for their wonderful marvellous arrangements in associate with TN Circle. It is our prime duty to earnestly Congratulate Shri G Kanagarajan Circle President and Shri C Balaraman Circle Secretary for their Excellent works to Complete the Meeting in a Triumphant way on the Challenging Top Coolest  hills Station. 

On 6-6-2018 , followed byCWC , Coonoor SSA District Conference of Sewabsnl was Conducted at the Conference Hall of GM BSNL Coonoor. In the 2nd District Conference Smt J Senthilkumari DE and Smt Banumathy SDE elected again as District President and District Finance Secretary respectively. Shri Arunkumar JTO elected as New District Secretary unanimously. Congrats to All on behalf of Sewabsnl CHQ. 

With regards

P N Perumal NP SEWA





Circle Working Committee / Governing Body Members Meeting of Sewabsnl Tamil Nadu Circle 


It is decided to Conduct 1st Circle Working Committee and Governing Body Members Meeting of Sewabsnl Tamil Nadu Circle on 05-06-2018 Tuesday between 1000 hrs and 1800 hrs at Hotel Blue Hills Mount Road Coonoor. 

In the Exclusive Special Meeting, Our National President Shri P N Perumal, General Secretary Shri N D Ram, National Finance Secretary Shri S Titussam and Asst General Secretary ( South Zone ) Shri R Maheswara Rao are attending. 

Smt J Senthilkumari ACS TN Circle & District President Coonoor SSA and Shri S Selvakumar District Secretary Coonoor SSA are actively involved for arranging better Accommodation and the best food etc for our Circle, District and Branch office Bearers and Bonafide Members of Sewabsnl of Tamil Nadu Circle. 

Ooty is the one of famous Tourist place . You can enjoy with Coolest Greenery atmosphere in and around Ooty and Coonoor. 

Hence , All are Cordially Requested to Book your Travel Tickets well in advance to avoid inconvenience. You Can book Your Train Tickets from Your destination upto Coimbatore or Mettupalayam. From Mettupalayam you Can reachCoonoor by Road within one and Half hours.

You are also requested to kindly plan your Schedule. If you need any extra facilities or Assistance, You Please Contact Madam Smt J Senthilkumari and Shri S Selvakumar. 

You are once again requested to book your Travel Tickets as soon as possible and avoid inconveniences .

With regards 
G Kanagarajan CP 
C Balaraman CS 
Sewabsnl TN Circle.



Dear Brothers & Sisters
Namo Buddhay 
Jai Bheem

Today GS SEWA BSNL met Dir(HR) along with Sh R A Meena AGS(Central) and Shri Mukesh CS BSNL CO. 

We strongly condemned the decision of Management Committee regarding approval to issue promotion order keeping reserved the SC/ST vacancies as per roster subject to the outcome of the honorable Supreme Court. We apprised Dir(HR) the earlier stand of BSNL and court cases filed by BSNL before Hon'ble Supreme Court of India wherein BSNL has advocated the rule of reservation to protect the interest of SC/ST executives.

We told that BSNL has also filed an application before Hon'ble SC of Indian to allow BSNL to issue promotion orders by applying rules of reservation and recently Notice in this matter has been issued to all the concerned by Hon'ble SC of India. 
Therefore, the approval of management committee is in contradiction to the aforesaid pending application before the hon'ble Supreme Court of India. Dir(HR) listened to us very positively and also advised us to meet CS& CGM(Legal) BSNLCO. Accordingly we met CGM(Legal) also and raised our concerns.

He also assured us to look into the matter. From above discussion it appears that Pers Cell has not submitted all facts to the management committee. It is also fact that Pers Cell is trying to issue promotion without protecting the interest of SC/ST employees either through CPC or CPSU hierarchy.

CPSU hierarchy will abolish the roster permanently. We assure you that we will not allow BSNL Management to issue any promotion order without Rule of Reservation. If required we will issue Notice for Agitational Program to protect our constitutionally granted rights.

With regards 

P N Perumal NP SEWA.



Triumphant of First issue After Accorded Approval to the New CHQ Governing Body of Sewabsnl 

One Long Pending issue of Smt Ramadevi OS ( G ) Vijayawada w/o Shri Durga Prasad SDE Hyderabad, Transfer from AP Circle ( Vijayawada ) to Telangana Circle ( Hyderabad ) was not Considered owing to some Technical reasons. 

After Accorded Approval to the New CHQ Governing Body, We took up the issue with Director (HR), GM (Pers) and GM (SR) of BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi. 

Because of our Stringent efforts, Now, She has been relieved from AP Circle ( Vijayawada ) and Posted to Telangana Circle ( Hyderabad ).

She Joined pleasantly in Hyderabad on 4-5-2018 where her husband is working and joined together after years gap. We Congrats both. 

We Thank Shri R Maheshwara Rao Circle Secretary AP & AGS ( South) for taken efforts to relieve her immediately from AP Circle. 

With regards 

P N Perumal NP SEWA.



Transfer and Postings from Maharashtra Circle to Tamil Nadu Circle  

Smt S Shanmugathai CAO Madurai had been Transfered and Posted to Maharashtra Circle on DGM Promotion. We took up her issue with GM (FP) and Director ( HR ) for re-allotment in Tamil Nadu Circle.

Now , on 9-5-2018 , BSNL Corporate Office modified the previous order issued to Maharashtra Circle and Posted her to Tamil Nadu Circle.

Our Sincere Thanks to Our General Secretary Shri N D Ram for his Strenuous efforts.

With regards 

P N Perumal NP SEWA.


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